School Building

School Building

Another goal is to look to the resources we have and to see how we could do better to plan…..

Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial School, Sarvodaya Nagar, a non-government and unaided institution is situated at Trans-Gomti area. It has been imparting education up to senior secondary standard in English for the last few years. It believes in secularism and encourages students regardless of their caste, creed, religion and financial status.

The school has state-of-the-art facilities, well equipped with airy classrooms where a maximum of them are fully air-conditioned. The classrooms are furnished with furniture, fans, tube lights, big green ceramic boards, and notice boards.


There are three wings in the school namely:-

  • Senior Wing – BHARATKHAND
  • Junior Wing – BHAGIRATH KHAND
  • Junior Wing – BHAGIRATH KHAND

Primary & Junior wings are fully air-conditioned whereas Senior wing is in a process to be air-conditioned.

1) Electricity back-up is available throughout the school hours through heavy generator sets.

2) The school has a proper medical arrangement for students where as doctors can be called for major issues.

3) Hygiene is always considered an important area where by neat and clean toilets and good sanitation is always maintained.

4) Surroundings consist of attractive potted flowers, shrubs and herbs make the environment look beautiful.

5)Well placed Aquaguards, Submersible, and Distilleries make the drinking water bacteria free.

6) To provide a disciplined and hassle-free environment, the school has installed CCTV camera’s everywhere so as to ensure a safe and disciplined surrounding.

7) The school uses a fully automatic school bell system that is used to solve the common daily problem of ringing a bell only when required that can be programmed according to the school time table.

8) The fire alarm system has been installed to ensure the safety of the students.

9) The school has proper exit plans to combat disasters like earthquake.