CCE Scheme

CCE Scheme

Teaching Techniques & Assessment through CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation ):


CCE introduced by CBSE has enabled the education to enter a revolutionary phase. As per CBSE guidelines, school has adopted CCE from class I to X, which involves all the aspects of students development, academic and co-curricular. The teaching methods have been formed in a way that they very smoothly bring about child’s intellectual, social, emotional  and cultural developments.

Formative assessment & Summative assessment have been done formally and informally using multiple techniques of evaluation continuously and periodically through PROJECTS, EXPERIMENTS, GROUP DISCUSSIONS, DEBATES, QUIZ, SEMINARS, FIELD TOURS and PEN PAPER TEST(Papers are provided by CBSE board). The performance of the student is assessed and followed up with appropriate remedy and re-testing.

Assessment of life skills is done on the basis of the suggested indicators of assessment. 
The methods used to assess co-scholastic domains are observation, anecdotal records and portfolios. For, different tools and techniques as mentioned earlier have been used.

Implementation of CCE has ensured the INTELLECTUAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, CULTURAL AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT along with learners, scholastic attainments which are adopted to help the student TO IDENTIFY THE AREAS OF THEIR APTITUDE AND INTEREST.

The excellent education generating moral, individual, social and national values is the natural offshoot of conducive CCE methods. School is proud of the successful execution of CCE. Special emphasis is laid on both SCHOLASTIC and CO-SCHOLASTIC areas.

As per CBSE (CCE) norms, students showing brilliance in co-scholastic areas will get the opportunity to bridge the gap of their under performance in scholastic field. By guiding, motivating and inspiring the future of India through CCE, the school has helped the students knowing their strength and weaknesses and directed them to stretch their arms towards perfection.